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Cult Classics




At the moment this site is being designed and updated daily please check back soon. 
Contact me if you have any ideas or suggestions or want to see a specific film, thnx. 


March 15th - Mate had been getting on to me about adding a links page so thats what i have done.
Sept 14th - Well finally finished all the Within the Woods pages added more to the production page and also added the script so if like me you have a crap copy like me (mainly why it's taken me so long to get the script hopefully correct) and the sound drops off in places this should help you out. 
July 27th - Evil Dead Within the Woods page is up and running and so is the production page for within the woods. Got there 
eventually just don't have the time. 
May 16th - Evil Dead Films page goes with a bit of luck I will be finished all the Evil Dead pages soon. 
May 10th - Evil Dead front page goes online expect to see more coming your way soon. 

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